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 Drum Backing Tracks.

The largest collection of original minuses for drummers on the Internet, collected over many years of playing music.

Download minus for drummers from your personal collection, already selected and screened out. No midi, only originals.

Minus is already divided into several categories. This is rock, pop, and a separate jazz folder. Some Drumless tracks you may not find in other sources.

After the payment (the money will go to the payment and development of the resource), you will receive a link to download the entire archive (about 12 gb drum minuses of drummers in the archive), the collection is constantly updated.

Attention!!! the download link may change over time,

for this download everything you need within 24 hours.

By clicking download free drum minus

Free Download Drumless Songs Drumless Track Play Along Song  you download 3 Gb backing tracks for drummers for free without registration.

If you are interested in individual minuses, then you can not download the entire folder, but choose from the catalog the minus that you need. You can also listen to the drum minus online.

Download soundtracks without drums

 Drumless Songs Drum Play Along Track, and play to the music of your favorite teams.


How to download the entire archive


  • Over 2300 songs

  • 12 GB  Original tracks without drums


You can download the entire archive of backing tracks from the personal collection of the DDRUMS studio for DONATE

Also you can free download the first part of the archive 3 GB of backing drummers Rock Pop 1 part (A - J)


You can download the entire archive of backing tracks from the personal collection of the DDRUMS studio for donat

After paying for the donate (via the payment method), a button below will appear on the download link with the text "Return to the site", click on the button, and get to the download page of the full archive.

We download folders in turn, not exceeding 4 GB of simultaneous download and enjoy the sounds of your favorite songs without a drum party.

Also you can free download the first part of the archive 3 GB of backing drummers Rock Pop 1 part (A - J)

Attention!!! We do not sell backing tracks, but give a link to download as a sign of gratitude for supporting our project. Many of the minuses are freely available, but we collected only the best tracks by collecting all the pieces together. We have done a great job in packaging by style. Do you want to evaluate our contribution then throw Donat and download the entire archive. You can also download 3 GB for free. Another option is to look for a minus on torrents in small parts. Choose you.

  • Free Download 3 Gb Drumless tracks without registration (Скачать бесплатно 3Gb Барабанных Минусов)

  • Minus for practicing drummers (Минусовые треки для барабанов)

  • Original tracks of group songs (Оригинальные барабанные минусовые треки песен)

  • Rock minuses for drums (Jazz minuses can be downloaded only through the payment form)

Download All Archive 12Gb

2300 Tracks

Full Collection Original Drumless Songs Without Drums

After payment, the button "Return to the website" appears below.

We follow the link and get access to all 12 GB of drum minus

       25$ USA

Скачать Весь Архив 12Gb

2300 Треков  

Полная Коллекция Оригинальных Минусов Для Барабанщиков

После оплаты доната внизу появиться кнопка "Вернуться на сайт" Переходим по ссылке, и получаем доступ ко всем 12 гб барабанных минусовок 

300 RUB Россия

Free download minus for drummers

Do you want to get songs without drums for free without registration?

Then download the first part of the archive for free 3 GB

Phonograms for percussion instruments from the DDrums collection

This is a sampler for those who want to try to play.

under the backing tracks, and decide whether he needs to download the remaining 10 Gb Drum backing tracks

2000 songs and instrumental compositions

Download for free

The first part of the archive 3 GB minus

Free Download 3 GB Drumless Tracks - Rock Pop 1 Part  (A - J)

From the DDrums collection without registration

Some examples of sound minus to drummer


Jazz Funk Latina

Bossa-nova - Drumless-Drum-play-along
Ya gotta try - Jazz Drumless
Jazzercise - Jazz Drumless track
Dennis Chambers-Cissy Strut - Funk Drumless
Tower of Power - Back in the Day - Funk Drumless
Buddy Rich - Love For Sale Drumless

Pop Rock Metall

System Of A Down - Toxicity - Rock drumless songs
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Rock drumless
Slipknot - Duality - Rock drumless songs
Michael Jackson - Black Or White - Pop drumless
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water drumless