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Drum Teacher

Drummer Dmitry Orudzhov

Дмитрий Оруджов Барабанщик. Уроки игры на барабанах по Скайпу +79608354338

Student Katya, Moscow

Drum Lesson via Skype (Zoom)

Уроки игры на барабанах по Скайпу Катя город Москва. Преподаватель ударных Дмитрий Оруджов Россия. Записаться на дистанционное обучение по Скайпу тел, вайбер, вотсап, телеграмм +79608354338

Student Katya from Moscow chose Skype lessons. To get to the nearest drum school in Moscow, you need to travel quite a distance. With lessons via Skype   ZOOM    you save time and money, and you will also practice with a professional drummer with 35 years of experience, Dmitry Orudzhov

What is Online Drum Learning?

How are the lessons going?

Online drumming lessons are remote drumming lessons using the free Skype video calling software. Zoom

The teacher is in a permanently equipped room for conducting lessons at the DDrums studio.

The student can be anywhere in the world. 

With the help of a web camera and a microphone, the teacher shows the material being analyzed on his drum kit, the student looks at the monitor of his computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone), and repeats the material already on his drums or practice pad. The teacher corrects and corrects shortcomings online. Everything happens in the same way as in a live drum lesson, and after 5 minutes you get the feeling of being completely present, just like when you practice in the studio.

The teacher also displays the notes of the topic being analyzed, which greatly facilitates the student's learning.

It is important that the teacher can record the lesson on video (optional) and send it to the student. This gives the learner the opportunity to repeat the material covered at home, and not to forget what needs to be worked out at this stage of training.

Also, the teacher sends the musical material in electronic form.

Learning to play drums via Skype is convenient and effective.

Student Artyom Moscow

Drumming lessons via Skype (Zoom)

Скриншот 29-08-2020 193352.png

Benefits of Learning to Play Drums via Skype

  1. Education anywhere in the world.

  2. Classes with a professional drummer, a teacher with extensive experience.

  3. Don't waste precious time on the road.

  4. You do not overpay for training, as in the case of offline classes at studios in your city. (Rent of premises, lighting, staff, franchise, etc. is included in the cost of offline training).

  5. No group activities. Only private lessons.

  6. approach to each student.

  7. High quality and efficiency. Price=quality.

  8. The ability to parse your favorite songs. Analysis of the drum parts of the songs.


   PS If you live far from large cities where there are no drum schools, then remote drumming lessons via Skype or Zuma are your only chance to get first-hand knowledge, because what the teacher will explain to you in 1 hour of classes, you can do it yourself not learn, and in 10 years, and maybe more .......

  With a teacher, you will come to your cherished goal much faster and master the drum kit.

         Do you want to learn how to play drums instead of drumming? Then sign up for classes.

Drumming courses in Moscow are gaining momentum; many Moscow bands are looking for a drummer to join their ranks. Where can I learn to play the drums? You can find a school for playing drums, or enroll in a music school for drumming courses in Moscow, where they offer training in playing percussion instruments. Study at NOT the Drum School.

Playing drums is the dream of many adults and children. You can realize your dream in different ways. Some people don’t go to a drum school where group classes are held, while others need an experienced teacher. Some people follow the path of self-education, thinking that a teacher is not needed.

PS If you live far from Music Drum Schools, then remote drum lessons via Skype or Zoom are your only chance to gain first-hand knowledge.

With a teacher, you will reach your cherished goal much faster and master the drum kit.

    Do you want to learn how to play the drums instead of tapping? Then sign up for lessons.

Viber Telegram WhatsApp +79608354338 Dmitry Orudzhov

Student Yuri, Moscow

Skype (Zoom) Drumming Courses

Скриншот 17-08-2020 181928.png

What do you need to conduct online lessons?

  1. Internet access.

  2. Installed program  Skype or Zoom  

  3. Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

  4. Webcam (if you have a computer).

  5. Possibility to attach a webcam.

  6. Headphones, or computer speakers.

  7. Drums, practice pads in the form of a drum kit with pedals, etc.


   PS  If you do not have any of the proposed equipment, it does not matter. Together with you, we will always find compromise ways to solve hardware problems in order to achieve high-quality comfortable training. Some students study with only a Smartphone and a headset, being at rehearsal places in their city. Distance classes do not tie you to a specific place, or a stationary drum school. You can practice even while traveling the world.

Student Stepan, Shatura, Moscow region

Drumming Courses Skype (Zoom)

Скриншот 07-04-2024 170543.png

Student Stepan plays in a children's pop orchestra. In our classes we expand the scope of styles from pop music to rock, jazz, Latin, etc.

Student Alexander, Moscow

Drum Courses


How do you pay and what are the cost of lessons?

After we contact you and make a joint setup of the equipment for further classes, we will send you the details for any type of communication convenient for you (in contact, sms, viber, etc.). The student can pay for each lesson separately, or make an advance payment for a month of training. 

Payment can be made to a Tinkov card, VISA of Sberbank, ruble, dollar, euro, pound bank account for transfers from other countries. If your country has a different national currency, then payment is made with conversion into rubles at the exchange rate. Also, payment can be made to Qiwi Wallet, UMoney, Pay Pal.

Remote online lessons are held according to the studio schedule, that is, you score a lesson at a specified time along with the time of the rehearsal base. Therefore, all the conditions for the cancellation and transfer of online classes are the same as in regular live lessons.

Read the cancellation policy here

Drum lessons via Skype


             Viber WhatsApp Telegram +79608354338

/  Russia  2500 RUB  /  USA  35 USD  

/  England 25 GBP  /  Europe 30 EUR   /  in 1 hour

Frequently Asked Questions  Questions about online learning?


Oleksandra Pristenska  (Bila Tserkva, Ukraine)

And what do I need to ensure that the quality of video and sound I have was good?


Dmitry Orudzhov  replied to Oleksandra


The first is the quality of the internet.  Quality  depends on many factors.  From the load of the line, from the version of Skype, from the power of your device.  For better visibility, of course, you need a good  webcam. You need to install the latest version of Skype.  I conduct lessons several times a week with different  cities and countries. USA,  Estonia, England, Spain, Israel, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.   The connection is stable, with rare exceptions, there is a temporary slight deterioration in the picture, but it does not affect the quality of training.


Petr Petrov YOUTUBE channel subscriber

How much does the lesson cost and how does it work?


Dmitry Orudzhov  replied to Peter

The price of the lesson depends on the country of residence. For example, for Russia, Belarus, the CIS countries, as well as Ukraine, prices and calculations are preferable in rubles. If you are in the USA, then the calculations will be in dollars. European countries in Euro, England in pounds. Currencies of other countries are converted into dollars, euros, or rubles by agreement. The exact prices can be found in the PRICES section or from the teacher.  Communication with the student is made via Skype. I have everything stationary, 4 webcams are located in different angles. From the top, from the right, and from the left, as well as separately on the legs. Excellent review. Everything is clearly visible when I explain and show the student, the video monitor is in front of my eyes. The drums are sounded by professional microphones, the sound is mixed and goes to the mixer, and then to Skype. I also recommend that the student put the monitor on the side of the hi-hat, and the webcam on the top, or also on the side of the hi-hat.  If live drums, then with sound, you don’t need to bother and sound anything, if electronic, then of course you need the sound to go to any speakers that are. Payment for classes on a Sberbank card, Yandex money, or Paypal. If there is a Sberbank online, then it’s even easier, using the phone number of a bank client with my number +79608354338. The approach to the student is individual. There is a concept of classes with gradual complication developed over the years, baggage of rhythms, grooves, playing in various styles, coordination, soloing, and so on. The most important thing is the result, and the result is my students who play, and some of them work professionally in musical groups.

Student feedback on Skype classes

Alexey Moscow

Уроки игры на барабанах по Скайпу отзывы, вопросы

My announcement on the Drumspeech forum  on distance learning via Skype

Contact the teacher

Information sent. Thank you!

Online Drums School D Drums
Drum Lessons Via Skype 

Zoom  Training Anywhere in the World

Уроки игры на барабанах по Скайпу
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