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Drum School Students DDrums

Best Drummers of Togliatti

Ddrums школа игры на барабанах
Ddrums школа игры на барабанах
Ddrums школа игры на барабанах
Барабанщик Дмитрий Оруджов. Преподаватель, учитель , педагог с 25 летним стажем. Обучает игре на ударной установке в городе Тольятти Россия Самарская область.

Students of Dmitry Orudjov

Almost all the best drummers in Togliatti studied, or took lessons here
If you list all the names, then the page is not enough. About 1000 students were trained in playing drums with Dmitry Orudzhov in the studio or on Skype

Here are just not many of the names of the students, those who studied on a regular basis in the drum school, took one-time classes, as well as the names of those who came to advanced training lessons for advanced drummers.

                                                         Victor Tensin

                                             (Ребзя, Turbolax, Neosport)


One of the first students. The famous hardcore punk drummer in town. He became known mainly as a member of the Turbolax group, after classes he began to actively use the paradiddle technique. Many people know Vitya by his extraordinary stage image. In the common people of Viktor's name is Vyblyasty Vityok.



                                                      Nikita Mayorov

                                                       (Grafic, А-Рай)


To come from scratch. He started as an amateur drummer. The first composition as a drummer is the Togliatti group Grafic playing grunge, grunge post.

Nowadays, Nikita works in professional cover bands A-rai, Tatyana and Onegins.



                                                        Nikolay Zulaev

                                                (WTES, Disact, PANTHEON)


Kolya came to practice already having behind him a great practice of the game, and performances at concert venues. Basically, classes were held on the development of quick double punches, and rhythms on uncoordination (mainly Latin rhythms). Kolya is a wonderful drummer playing in heavy directions, but he came to study to develop his musical horizons in other styles of music.




                                          Maxim Tikhonov city Zhigulevsk

                                             (I'mMortal Wombat, FRAU MAY)


Maxim is the coolest drummer from the city of Zhigulevsk. I came to the lessons having the experience of the game for about 10 years in order to diversify my already acquired equipment with new chips. Maxim is a very diverse drummer who plays both Metal Core and knows how to create the necessary groove in funk and dance music.





                                                           Andrey Shonts

                                                  (ZUMBA, Drums of the world)


Andrew came to training from scratch. For 6 months I have mastered many rhythms and breaks in the rock style, mainly playing on the cardan, and then some rhythms in the Latin style, as well as funk. At the moment, Andrei is professionally working in several cover bands of disco-funk direction.




                                                        Vasily Pirogov 

                                   (FM, Hitchhiking, Time Z, and many many)



Vasily came to classes at the very beginning of his musical path, already knowing how to play some rhythms, and breaks. After classes, the game became more professional in terms of dynamics, emphasis, playing guest notes, as well as playing twos. Today, Vasily is one of the most sought-after professional drummers in commercial music. Constant concerts and performances in the best club institutions of Togliatti Samara, and other cities.



                                                       Ivan Goncharov




Ivan came to study from the very beginning from scratch, and having reached a certain level of the game, he began to actively participate in various rock projects, mainly playing Black Death metall, after some time Vanya still came to study, but with emphasis on other styles of music (latin, swing)



                                                      Nikita Soloviev




Nikita came to study on a drum kit from scratch. He was interested in the rhythms of drummers playing California punk. We shot and assorted drum parts from drummers such as Travis Barker, and other drummers in this direction. Also not forgetting the funky, latin, and swing game. We can’t do without classics at school, and that’s good :). After a couple of years, Nikita already played in one of the best punk bands in Togliatti, Angus.


                                                       Semen Korsakov

                             (6 Chamber, JINGLES Band - (Saint Petersburg))

Semyon came to study from scratch, and he was more interested in alternative rock, and Nu metal. All this we sorted out in the classroom, as well as all my students, Semyon, was playing a game in the Latin style :)). Now Semyon lives in St. Petersburg, and plays music in the style of Disco-funk.




                                                          Vaulin Edward

           (TWILIGHT SKY, LOS TRIP, DISTORTED CRY, Snowfake jam, Affectionate bull)


           Edik came to me to deal with the experience of playing the drum kit. AT

          He mainly played heavy music using a gimbal. As usual with drummers, at some point I                        wanted to expand my musical potential. He began to actively study techniques in the jazz                    style, as well as disco, funk, latina, reggae, and much more. As Edik himself says, you need to              study, and go to success, which he does very well. Edik was even lucky enough to work as a                  drummer in the Affectionate Bull group with Alexei Blokhin, a well-known star of the 90s                      throughout the country. Who is older should remember the song Boys sounded from every                window in the 90s.


                                                       Anatoly Dubinin



Anatoly came to study from scratch. He was mainly interested in alternative rock music. In the classroom, Anatoly loved the triline rhythms most of all, and the classical triol filling is two in the hands of one in a barrel. After which he often applied triple rhythms in the songs of his group. After completing the initial rock course, Tolik played in the Zumba group, with whom he recorded a studio album in the city of Tver.


                                             Alexander "CRISS" Kislov

                         (Anomaly, Motor City, Herzegovina Flora and much more)


Sasha rehearsed with his group at my rehearsal base, when he saw my play, he became interested in drums, and began to study. After some time, positive shifts in the accuracy of the blow, the sense of time, became noticeable. The beat was delivered (there was no busting in volume). Double punches leveled (deuces with hands). In a word, classes were beneficial. Many years passed Sasha came to my rehearsal base as part of the Motor City group. I liked that everything was in place. The rhythm fit into the sound of the group.

                                                         Igor Timono

                                      (STEREOTAPES , Dетройт, ON AIR)

Igor came to practice from scratch on drums. He completed a standard training course for beginner drummers, after which there were coordination classes. He began to play in groups, significantly raised the level of the game. Today she has the practice of recording at the studio, and concert performances both in the city of Tolyatti and in other cities of Russia



                                                     Roman Alaberdin

 (Bruce Willis Orchestra, percussion teacher at the Presto Contemporary Music Studio Moscow)


Roma began to study from scratch. The emphasis in the lessons was on rock classics, since Roma is an ardent fan of John Bonham, then we sorted out the rhythms, and the chips of the Led Zeppelin group. After the hard rock foundation laid down, Roman develops well as a performer himself. He worked as a teacher of percussion in children's music schools in the city of Togliatti, as well as worked in the Symphony Orchestra and cover bands.


                                                    Alexey Polikarpov 



           Aleksey came to classes with great experience of the game, and said that he wants to                 practice drums professionally. Learn to play to the maximum in various styles of music.             From alternative rock that he already knew how to play well, to funk, swing, and more               complex styles in coordination terms. Very talented promising drummer. The main                     thing is that there is a desire to move forward                                                 



                                                    Alexey Anyanov

                                    (The Deegeedoils, Cheeseboard.)


Alex came to study when he was still a teenager. So he was very interested in California punk, he and I sorted out a lot of songs of the Blink-182 group. After classes, Alex was a grab in a musical party. It got to the point that at one time he played in seven groups :), and ran from one rehearsal to another. As the period of the first concert euphoria went, Lesha again came to study, but to learn more complex rhythms in jazz styles. Today I consider him one of the best punk drummers in the city.



                                           Anton Makhortov "Twigga"



Anton has always sought to learn more complex game techniques, good sound extraction, smooth, and dense groove. Many years have passed since he came to class, and I think that everything was successful. Great drummer with a lot of knowledge.




Jacob Zapivakhin "GOLD" (BISET)

Alexander Simonov (Istoma)

Andrey Zverev (With God's help, Repair)

Sergey Kharlashkin (Harley woke up)

Maxim Pikalov (FRAU MAY)


Alexander Perminov (Question Generator)
Alexey Balandin (Neolegenda)

Igor Veretennikov (GRASLAND 77, BAND STEPS)

Dmitry Ermachkov

Dmitry Goretsky (Dragster)

Larisa Zabrodina (RIFF)

Andrey Matveev (Evil badbugz)

Dmitry Rakhmankin (Tatyana's Day)

Dima "Weed" (DEVIL MY CRY)

Alexander Kuzenny (Biathlon, Yuri Kovshov Air group)

Andrey Bayev (Creative outcome)

Dmitry Kutminsky (Collection Point)

Sergey Mordovchenko (FM)

Mark Mazurov (SNOWFLAKE JAM)

Poltaev Ivan

Pavel Kuzakov

Anton Baybuza (Why Not? Angus)

Konstantin Sosnin (Evil Cosmonaut Moscow)

Nail Khusnutdinov (No Leash)

Eldar Abdrakhimov (Lecturer of the School of Rock Togliatti)

and many others.

Ученики Дмитрия Оруджова за барабанами
Ученики Дмитрия Оруджова за барабанами
Ударник быстрых темпов Николай Зулаев Тольятти. Барабанщик группы WTES
За барабанами Андрей Шонц, барабанщик играющий диско фанк и в других стилях музыки
Барабанщик,звукорежисёр записи, и сведения Василий Пирогов один из самых востребованых музыкантов Тольятти
Метал барабанщик Ваня Гончаров. Его конёк мощная игра на двух бочках в духе Дейва Ломбардо.
Отличный парень И барабанных Калифорнийский ритмов мастер Никита Соловьёв группа Ангус Тольятти
Барабанщик из СПБ Семён Корсаков
Унивирсальный барабанщик Эдуард Ваулин Тольятти
Барабанщик группы Zumba Анатолий Дубинин.
Барабанщик Игорь Тимоно группа DETROIT
Барабанщик Александр Кислов Тольятти
Барабанщик Роман Алабердин город Москва
Барабанщик Алексей Поликарпов Тольятти
Ученик школы барабанщиков DDrums Алексей Анянов
Барабанщик Виктор Тенсин Тольяттинская панк хард кор группа Турболакс.
Барабанщик Антон Махортов

Student Reviews 

Ученики Дмитрия Оруджова за барабанами Максим Тихонов Жигулёвск

            Maxim Tikhonov groups Frau Mai, I'mMortal Wombat.


I came to Dmitry for classes with a little experience of the game, before that I studied myself from video schools and books, and thought that this would be enough until at some point I reached a dead end. Classes with Dmitry for me served as a definite impetus for further development, I learned a lot from the technical side as well as in terms of musicality, learned what groove is and why it is needed at all. A very technical, multi-genre drummer with extensive experience and a huge "baggage" of knowledge, classes with such a musician are not wasted and will be very useful for both beginners and experienced drummers.

I'mMortal Wombat - Take Shot From Me
рок группа из Тольятти Детроит. За барабанами Игорь Тимоно

              Igor Timono Group Dетройт, Stereotapes


I studied with Dima a year when I started playing drums, during this time, he taught me everything that is needed for independent development, found me my first group. Teaches understandably and interestingly, has a huge teaching experience. Teaches the game in all styles, various techniques. The best teacher in Togliatti.    

STEREOTAPES - Synthetic Rain
Барабанщик из Тольятти Василий Пирогов

             Vasily Pirogov group FM, Hitchhiking, Time Z, 


"An excellent Teacher, I’m glad that I got to him (sorry, it's too late). Everything is very intelligible, and just explains, shows (not everyone is given the ability to teach someone something, they need to be able to learn). He pointed out errors in technology, and helped me fix them quickly. I learned a lot from him. Thank you! "

Фьюжн - Василий Пирогов
Барабанщик Эдуард Ваулин Тольятти. Школа ударных DDrums

           Edward Vaulin Group Distorted cry, Snowfake jam.


"... I have been playing drums for 10 years. Of these, I studied with Dima Orujov for 2 years. From the very first lessons I felt progress. The material explains intelligibly and competently. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to succeed in drumming .. . "

Барабанщик Эдуард Ваулин Тольятти. Школа ударных DDrums

           Alexey Polikarpov group Insonic


Classes with Dima are suitable for both beginner dramas and people who want to discover something new for themselves, as well as for professionals. He has an individual approach to each. Personally, he corrected the existing shortcomings in the game, and opened a completely "unknown" field for me to work and work. Thank!

Ученики Дмитрия Оруджова за барабанами Максим Тихонов Жигулёвск

                         Nikolay Zulaev group Disact, WTES


Hello! I’m Nikolai and I want to tell you that if you want to master drums or start doing this, you need to go 100% to Dima. I myself studied with him more than 10 years ago, but I still remember many important topics, and in general I began to understand the basic principles from him, before that he floundered helplessly behind the drum kit. Now I am still doing music, I have recorded several albums with different bands, but I still sometimes think that we need to go to the master and learn the wisdom - his knowledge is enough for any experience and level! Go - you won’t regret it!


                              Disact - Sinistrality

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