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Drum Book  Self-instruction for Drums

Drum Sheet Music
World's most famous drummers
Drum Note Tutorial

ноты для барабанов к песням, рудименты, книги для барабанщиков
Барабанные ноты скачать бесплатно
ноты песен для ударной установки
барабанные партии известных песен
Книги и ноты для барабанов, ноты для малого барабана
Ноты для барабанов и ударных инструментов
табулатуры для барабанов
ноты для ударных скачать
Где найти ноты барабанов или табулатуры
Видеошколы для барабанщиков скачать бесплатно с сайта Барабаны шаг за шагом, видео курс ударных, онлайн школа барабнщиков, простые ритмы на барабанах

Author's Video Course on drums by Dmitry Orudzhov

The video school "Drums step by step" is a conceptual video drum lessons with a consistent study of all the intricacies of drumming, from the very basics to the professional play. In video courses we will study the setting of arms, legs, rhythmic patterns and breaks, various game techniques, single hits, doubles, paradiddles, etc. The video course is built according to the author’s training program of the DDrums Togliatti school. The author of the courses is teacher, drummer Dmitry Orujov.

Courses are suitable for both beginner drummers and advanced drummers. All rhythms and fills are played at a fast and slow tempo. Notes are also built into the video sequence for a complete understanding of the material. Courses can be downloaded to your computer and practiced anywhere without Internet access. You can download courses on the website for payment in the video school section Drums step by step. All success in mastering the drum kit !!!

List of sheet music
and manuals for drummers

Drum Sheet Music | Training materials for drums


Bass and Drum on Brasilian Popular Music


Berklee Practice Method - Drum Set - Get Your B

 Make your rock band better, or prepare yourself to join one! This sensational series lets you improve your intuitive sense of timing and improvisation, develop your technique and reading ability, and master your role in the groove. Play along with a Berklee faculty band on the accompanying CD, then play with your own band!


Buddy Rich - modern interpretation of snare drum methods

Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments contains a systematic course for the beginner, and is a great value to the teacher and professional who wishes to increase his knowledge of rudiments. In addition to the elementary principles of music, there are 83 lessons of exercises and rudiments, 21 reading exercises, 10 exercises employing rudiments, and advanced rhythmic studies. Mr. Rich's ability and genius in the drum world make this book one of the landmarks of drum literature.


Carmine Appice Ultimate Realistic Rock


Legendary drummer Carmine Appice presents his best-selling book in the history of rock drums. The book describes the standard drum rhythms, polyrhythmics, rudiments, playing hi-hat, gimbal pedals

(two barrels), shuffle rhythms, syncops, etc.


Charley Wilcoxon - 150 Rudimental Solos

This book of original Solos was especially written to enable the modern drummer to understand more clearly the far reaching possibilities of the Twenty-six Rudiments. Based entirely on the old tradition of famous Masters, a touch of "swing" was added to give each a certain lift, drummers of today prefer. So carefully are they arranged that any chosen group blends perfectly. Combinations are inumerable.


Daniel Genton - Les Tumbaos De La Salsa


GENTON DANIELLes Afrocubic drums: Salsa, history and evolution of sound, different styles; Clave, importance, role and functioning; Conga 120 Tumbaos, positions and techniques, Bongos and bells; Timbales 90 Patterns, Playing Techniques, Piano and Bass Folk Sets; Salsa Styles 11 arrangements recorded in Cuba


Dante Agostini - Solfege Rhythmique Cahier No 1


Dave Weckl - Back To Basics


Dave begins with exercises for developing finger control of sticks, focusing on the game’s features with a traditional and symmetrical lock. He demonstrates how to play with brushes, gives tips on proper fit, talks about the technique of legs. The process of tuning the drums is examined, coordination exercises and much more are demonstrated.

Sheet music for beginner drummers drum lessons to develop coordination of hand and foot technique stick grab tuning drums

Dave Weckl - The Next Step

Dave explains his technique and some great concepts of playing and learning to solo.


Dave Weckl - Ultimate Play Along - Level 1 - Vol 1


Sheet music for playing under the backing tracks of Dave Drumless 


Dave Weckl - Ultimate Play Along - Level 1 - Vol 2

Part Two Notes for playing under the minus of Dave Drumless

David Garibaldi - Future Sounds


This innovative book and on presents the secrets of the stunning funk / jazz rhythm of David Garibaldi. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, jazz or funk, you will learn how to incorporate modern linear styles and Garibaldi's musical concepts into your game and develop your own unique drum vocabulary

David Garibaldi - The Funky Beat

At The Funky Beat, David focuses on combining funk and jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms to expand his own innovative style. By revealing his grooves and musical options for each song in notes, David demonstrates how to develop musical skills and how to create a tight groove. This book / audio package includes eight diagrams and two CDs mixed with and without reels for use in games. As a bonus, David transcribes and explains eleven of his legendary Tower of Power patches.


Dennis Chambers - In The Pocket


Music notes from a video school. Performance with training elements (drums). Dennis Chambers - drums. Most of the music from this musical notation was recorded on the John Scofield CDs 1984 - 1989, published by the label Gramavision


Dino Fauci - Metallica


This book talks about the technique of the legendary drummer Lars Ulrich from the Metallic band


Drum Programming - A Complete Guide To Program And Think Like A Drummer


Drums. This is your complete guide to programming and thinking as a drummer, not a drum machine user. Instead of just giving instructions for programming on your computer, this book is a direct mathematical approach to drum training and the best emulation of a drum kit on a pre-recorded track. By following this book you will get an idea of the drum kit that many drummers study in - and this will lead to more realistic programming and better results!


Enrique Llacer - The Battery

(Alka, Alicante, 1934) began with drums and percussion at the age of ten, as a self-taught person, for subsequent study at the conservatories of Valencia and Madrid. A few years later, he expanded his knowledge by attending classes with Kenny Clark in Paris and Joe Jones in New York.

52 years old was a regular jam session playing with Barcelona's most important Catalan jazzmen of the time. And at 55, he moved to Madrid, where he regularly plays in the Doriana Club. With the opening of the old Jazz Whiskey, he was hired as a starter drummer for several seasons, as well as at the Balboa Jazz Club.

In parallel, they directed their own dance music to groups that always included jazz themes. He also worked with orchestras.

As a studio musician, countless records and television performances and festivals of all kinds. In 1972, he joined the opposition at the Spanish National Orchestra and, somewhat later, as a professor of percussion at the Conservatory of Madrid. He is the author of the Battery: Technical, Independence and Rhythm method, first published in 1966, as the drummer remained active well in the 80s, being a member of the popular Dixieland band Canal Steet Jazz Group for some time. He gave numerous lectures and talks on percussion and the history of rhythmic development in jazz. Gradually, he leaves the battery to devote more time to his work as a classical solo drummer in the National Orchestra and the field of composition. As a composer in the field of classical music, she is the author of several books: “ENMO” and “Sound and Rhythm” (for the soloist and orchestra of percussion instruments), “polyrhythms for the drummer”, “Three times for the drummer,” “Fantasia batteries“ ”Collaboration„ ( for percussion and piano), “dreams” (for percussion of the group), “Divertissement for wind sextet“ ”Song of the dream“ (for violin and vibraphone), “Welleriana“ for symphony orchestra and a number of other works.


Franco Rossi - Metodo Per Batteria

Franco Rossia's evolution is the most comprehensive method for battery, innovative and modern. And “able to meet the needs of beginners and those professionals and synthesizes the best European traditions and America. Scanning student driving lessons in a gradual evolutionary process, which, of course, led him from the first approach to the instrument to the realization of his musicality. It is an indispensable tool for teachers that provides invaluable assistance to meet all learning challenges.
“Evolution” is, first of all, the multimedia method - which puts technology at the service of learning - and the music that allows you to learn how to play: well, 22 play-alongs and rich game sections of the groove with progressive difficulty enrich each chapter.
The main product in the Evolution tool is to help us reach a new level without forgetting the lessons of the great masters.


G L Stone-Accents And Rebounds For Snare Drum


George Lawrence Stone's Accents and Rebounds, the follow-up to the classic Stick Control, builds on the basics with accent routines and more advanced rhythms to improve the player's finesse and control. This book includes sections on accented eighths, dotted notes, and triplets, as well as rebound control and more. If you are a fan of Stick Control, then this method supplies the perfect next step for your practice routine. This updated edition adds Joe Morello's legendary arrow notation to help students incorporate the motions of the Moeller 


G.L. Stone - Stick Control For The Snare Drummer

George Lawrence Stone's Stick Control is the original classic, often referred to as 'the bible of drumming'. In the words of the author, it is the ideal book for improving "control, speed, flexibility, touch, rhythm, lightness, delicacy, power, endurance, preciseness of execution and muscular coordination," with extra attention given to the development of the weak hand. This indispensable book for drummers of all types includes hundreds of basic to advanced-level rhythms, moving through categories of single-beat combinations, triplets, short roll combinations, flam beats, flam triplets and dotted notes, and short roll progressions.


Gary Chaffee - Rhythm and Meter Patterns

Templates are one of the most affordable drum techniques available. Covering a wide range of materials, books can be used in any order or in any combination with each other. They are necessary for the development of skills necessary for working with drum sets.

Rhythm and Meter Patterns presents the student with a wide range of rhythmic and metric features, including odd rhythms, mixed meters, polyrhythms and metric modulation.


Gary Chaffee - Sticking Patterns

Sticking Patterns explores Gary's unique approach to using stickers on a set. Completely different from the beginnings, the Gary system is designed specifically for working with drum sets, both for creating time, and for filling and solo. Also included are sections on accented single sinks, as well as the use of double strokes on a set.


Gary Chaffee - Time Functioning Patterns


Time-Functioning Patterns includes materials dealing with rock cymbal ostinatos, jazz independence, and the new linear phrasing concept that Gary developed.

Gavin Harrison - Rhytmic Illusions


Great hands for a Lifetime


Great Hands for a Lifetime offers a realistic, practical approach that will unlock your potential and protect your hands over the years of drumming. This is an incredible workout to support your technique, as well as inspire and challenge you for decades.


Horacio El Negro - Conversations in Clave

The final technical study of quadrilateral independence based on Afro-Cuban rhythms. This detailed and methodical approach will develop coordination with the four limbs and expand the rhythmic vocabulary. Understanding the keyboard and the relationship between the eighth note and triplet rhythms will help to cope with the many and complex rhythms of Afro-Cuban styles.


Jack DeJohnette and Charlie Perry Modern jazz

This book discusses the principles, techniques, rhythms and concepts of progressive jazz. Topics include improvisation, part interaction, metric meter, cymbal rhythms, triplet characteristics, independent characteristics, and more.

Jazz Legacy PDF

The story of Jazz Legacy begins with the Quintet Buddy's Buddies, Buddy Rich Alumni
The group started by the Buddy Rich estate in the late 1990s. The group was founded mainly around saxophonists.
Andy Fusco and Steve Marcus, and performed music related to the legendary Buddy Rich.
Steve Marcus spent twelve years on tour and recording with Buddy, and was also part of the early jazz rock
Scene with Larry Coriell and Herbie Mann. Andy Fusco was Alto Baddy's leading player Rich Big
Band from 1978 to 1983, and toured with legendary artists such as Mel Lewis and Frank Sinatra.
Steve and Andy hired me to play drums with the band after we played together several times
With a large group of Buddy Rich in the 90s. To complete the group, Mark Soskin, production designer and
A longtime sideman for Sonny Rollins, joined us on the piano, and Baron Brown, a versatile musician who
He toured and recorded with artists such as Billy Cobham, Tom Jones (and also a member of my group
Vital Information), became our electric bass player. For eight years announced as Steve Smith and
Buddhi friends, we recorded three albums and toured the world. Steve Smith and friends Buddy, studio
The album was recorded in 1999, and two live CDs, Very Live in Set One Ronie Scott and Set Two, were
Recorded during our week at the famous London jazz club in 2002.
The sad and unexpected passage of Steve Marcus in September 2005 hit us hard. At this moment we decided
Change direction and move away from the main game related to Buddy Rich. we
Asked saxophonist Walt Weiskopf, a fantastic musician and longtime friend of Steve Marcus and
Andy Fusco to join us. In fact, you can see and hear all three saxophonists on the burning Buddy Rich DVD
Live at the 1982 Montreal Jazz Festival (Hudson's music). Walt is a producer and performer, and
He recently worked with Steely Dan.
We came up with the name of the band Jazz Legacy, which gave us a wide range of possibilities regarding our musical
direction. I wanted to play some music dedicated to the heritage of the great jazz drummers. We were also
Playing some original music that allowed the group to develop their own voice. Pianist Mark Soskin
A prolific writer and arranger, and adds interesting original compositions and
book. When Walt Weisskopf joined the band, we have another strong composer and arranger who adds
Exceptional graphics for the group’s repertoire, expanding our direction.


Jim Chapin - Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer

The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs! Jim Chapin, known as the ""Father of Jazz Independence,"" has written one of the most popular drumset books of all time. This classic work should be in every drummer's library as there is always something new to learn and develop from this masterful book. Whether for a beginner or an accomplished drummer, this system will greatly improve independence and coordination, sticking, power, speed, and endurance on the drumset. Dedicated to Sanford Moeller, this book proves Jim's teaching techniques like no other.


Jimmy Branly - The New Method For Afro-Cuban Drum


(Drums). The new Afro-Cuban drum technique shows Jimmy's unique approach to reproducing modern Latin rhythms on a drummer. The material is an alloy of his experience growing in Cuba, and shows how he applied this knowledge when he got to the United States and began performing. Everything in this book has practical applications in many styles of music. Jimmy covers: getting the right sound, bongo bells and drums, bass drum variations and hi-hat variations, and more


Joe Franco - double bass drum

Joe Franco opens a new world of rhythm and phrases when playing drums
installation with two bass drums ("barrels"). Joe Frank's professional game can
to hear on the albums of the famous guitarist virtuoso Vinnie Moore,
rock bands Widowmaker and Twisted Sister.

The school can be described as a "primer" of a rock drummer.
In this video you will find a lot of examples of the execution of bits and fills, fractions and knocks.
In addition, you will see exciting solo fragments performed by Joe.
He presents his concept of performing various rhythmic patterns,
demonstrates his "branded" ideas for drum parts and solos.
All material is accompanied by notes on the screen during their execution.
This video is intended for musicians who already have some experience in performing.


Joe Morello - Master Studies

This is the book on hand development and drumstick control. Master Studies focuses on these important aspects: accent studies, buzz-roll exercises, single and double-stroke patterns, control studies, flam patterns, dynamic development, endurance studies, and much more!


Joe Morello - New Directions In Rhythm

New directions in Rhythm for the development of freedom and a natural feeling for playing odd signatures that have become popular in the jazz field. Exercises in this method not only “lick” to remember and use in the work, but also represent a systematic development of coordination and a musical approach to the game in these different time signatures.


Joe Morello - Rudimental Jazz


(Book). Originally released in 1967, this classic Joe Morello is now available again from the CD! The forerunner of his two most widely used study guides, “Master and Master's Programs II,” in this book discusses methods such as left and right handles, playing position, drumming and hi-hat and much more; Initial exercises; Drum beats; Teacher schedules; Graphic cutouts and more. Includes a preface and introduction.


joe morello - drums lessons


John Riley - the art of bop drumming


The ultimate book on bop drum playing is a style that is both a turning point and a cornerstone of the development of modern music. This comprehensive book and audio presentation covers playing time, competitions, solos, brushes, more jazz and graphics in an entertaining mix of text, music and related quotes.

Kevin Tuck - Drum Book 1


Lincoln Goines and Robby Ameen - Funkifying the


Designed for drummers and bassists, this book / CD is a step-by-step approach to combining Afro-Cuban rhythms with rock, funk and jazz.


Marco Minnemann - Extreme Drumming


Advanced methods for mastering the independence of 4 limbs from the German drummer Marco Minnemann. His method will greatly enhance independence and coordination skills and help develop tools for the drummer in all styles. Included are patterns, ringtones for two limbs, extreme hi-hat and flem technique, extreme solos and independent grooves and much more. The bonus section includes material for playing Marco's solo albums and notes with his amazing play. Interdependence: the ability to switch any pattern to any limb at any time is complete freedom!

Marvin Dahlgren - 4 Way Coordination


Profession as a drummer always proceeded from great sleight of hand. However, with the introduction of modern drumming techniques, it is becoming increasingly necessary to become completely independent of the arms and legs. Featuring a variety of rhythmic exercises in easy-to-read notations, 4-Way Coordination is designed to guide the drummer from simple patterns to advanced polyrhythms. By studying this book of methods, a student will gain invaluable listening and listening skills that will provide an understanding of drums in all styles.


Osadchuk Etudes for the snare drum


Sketches for the snare drum of V. Osadchuk is a valuable teaching aid that helps the development and development of various types of performing techniques. They have long entered the practice of learning to play the percussion instruments and are widely used at different stages of the educational process.


Peter Erskine - drum concepts and techniques


(Drums). Peter Erskine is a world famous jazz / fusion drummer. This book on Erskine’s concepts and methods behind a jazz drummer is the beginning of an intermediate drummer and covers topics such as drumming, beats, brushes, phrasing, reading, etc. Includes full discography of Erskine’s performances.


Rick Latham - contemporary drumset techniques


In “Modern Drumset Techniques,” a video, Rick Latham perceives the viewer through all the concepts, as well as many of the actual examples presented in his world famous book, “Modern Drummer Techniques.” This book has offered a new perspective on drum kit performance for thousands of players. With the addition of the video, Rick brings these concepts and ideas to life in such a way as to win all players, regardless of their level of ownership. The tape includes discussion and reproduction of modern rudiments, interpretation of the bottom of the drum, double counterparts, replacement of hi-hat legs, shuffle patterns, ghostly notes, cymbal designs and hip-hop patterns. Rick also discusses his use of traditional acumen.

Rick Latham - Advansed Funk Studies

Advanced Funk Studies will help take your groove to the next level. With author and renowned drummer Rick Latham as your guide, you'll learn hi-hat, funk, and fill patterns. Many of the ideas in this book are derived from some of the most famous and proficient funk drummers. The accompanying audio CDs provide examples of the exercises.



Basic rudiments


Stefano Paolini - Fills & Grooves For Drums


The book contains a lot of examples of interesting rhythms, breaks, fillings. My favorite book, because it contains the most useful rhythmic patterns created with the basis of rhythm, that is, you can safely use them in your game without any additional adaptation and "throwing away extra bells and whistles". In fact, in this book you can find a break for all occasions, except for the often used sizes 4/4 and 6/8; separate sections are devoted to playing in odd sizes 3/4, 5/4, 7/8.  site


Steve Gadd - Crazy Army


Notes of one of Steve Gad's rudimentary compositions


Steve Houghton - The Drumset Soloist


Solo Drumset was written to provide drummers with practical material to easily fit any solo in any style.


Steve Smith Drum Legacy


Here, Steve Smith played pieces of great jazz legends like a drum: Alvin Jones, Art Blackie, Philly Joe Jones, Buddy Rich, Joe Dewkes and Tony Williams. Very informative


Ted Reed - Syncopation For The Modern Drummer


Voted the second in the list of modern drummers of the 25 greatest drum books in 1993, the progressive steps to syncopy for the modern drummer are one of the most versatile and practical works ever written for drums. Designed exclusively for syncopation, it has earned its place as a standard tool for teaching beginner drummers of syncopation and strengthening reading skills. This book includes many accented eighths, octal and sixteenth, octal triplets and sixteenth notes for extended solos. In addition, teachers can develop many of their own examples.


The Evolution Of Blast Beats


An in-depth look at contemporary extreme metal drum styles, this book was written by one of the leading practitioners of the genre, Derek Roddy.

The book covers extreme styles such as metal speed, grindcore and death metal, but is also intended to improve speed, coordination, stamina and independence, as well as balance and breathing, which are crucial for all styles of the game.

Drummers, teachers and students will learn the history and evolution of this underground playing style, which includes bombings, hyper effects, hacks and traditional explosions, as well as learning the basic techniques needed to develop and execute high-speed models.


Thomas Lang - Creative Control


Thomas Lang is a completely innovative and inspired practice mode and system that helps you develop an incredible drum practice technique that will forever change your approach to drum playing. The tremendous speed, control, sophistication and unmatched interdependence of Lang will inspire you to hone your drum beats so that you can play more effectively in any musical context. Thomas also offers cool solos and performances in many different styles, including the final version of the Black Page, Frank Zappa's touring program.


Thomas Lang - Creative Coordination


At this school, Thomas Lang begins with simple rhythms and ends with complex complex exercises. Includes: advanced exercises on the leg technique, coordination exercises, the concept of modern drumming,


Tommy Igoe - Groove Essentials


(Drums). This play package, presented by Vick Firth, was the world's best drum method in the last ten years. Now it has been reissued with access to online audio for download or streaming for even greater simplicity and flexibility. He has more than 6 hours of music, including 47 grooves and feels from all over the world at most in two tempo 88 tracks, truly professional outline graphics and sharp Tommy text. Interactive groove for all drummers of the level with rhythmic compositions, in which some of the best musicians of New York participate. Works with Grove's best-selling book


Tullio De Piscopo - Metodo Per Batteria - Vol 1


The drum course of an undisputed protagonist of the international music scene.
This first volume is dedicated to beginners and illustrates the correct jazz and rock settings to be taken on the instrument, along with basic notions of music theory. The difficulty level of the exercises is gradually increased: the various drum elements are gradually added to the different rhythmic modules (simple strokes, triplets, rollers, accents, paradiddles, etc.). Each exercise is accompanied by practical tips to increase speed and accuracy.


Whiplash drums (movie track short ver)

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