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Music studio  DDrums  Tolyatti

  Drum school Sound recording Rock band rehearsals

Music studio  DDRUMS

In DDrums Music Studio you can

Learn to play the drums (drum set)


Training is conducted by professional drummer Dmitry Orudzhov. Lessons of playing the drum set are conducted according to the author's teaching methodology. Each student can choose his own course of study (amateur, professional).

Individual lessons (teacher, student). The percussion teacher has extensive experience (more than 20 years) in concert, studio, and teaching work. Work in a jazz orchestra, circus, rock, pop, disco, funk groups, as well as with famous performers.

Record soundtracks  songs  Cover Musical Instruments Drums Voice Guitar Bass Keyboard Saxophone Trumpet Trombone  Tuba Percussion Bayan Accordion Flute Violin and so on


At our studio you can professionally record musical instruments and songs of your band. Particular emphasis in sound recording is placed on recording a drum kit. We write drums live. Professional park of microphones of world brands specially selected for recording drums.

Rehearse with a band Practice an instrument individually

Our rehearsal base has existed for about 15 years, and over the years has established itself as one of the best. Many well-known musical groups in the city rehearsed here. AT  these days only responsible bands who are serious about rehearsals and equipment record at rehearsals.

Барабанные микрофоны стойки тарелки пластики микшер хай хет гитара бас клавиши звук колонки динамики гитарная голова репетиционная база студия барабанная комната аудиоинтерфейс звуковая многоканальная карта обучение игре на барабанах Тольятти Дмитрий Оруджов преподаватель ударных инструментов Музыкальная школа Тольятти обучение школа рока джаза и латины
Уроки игры на ударной установке. Уроки игры на барабанах Тольятти. Школа рока джаза латины свинга регги боса нова мамбо самба сонго и чачача бочата метал кор панк рок диско фьюжн прогрессив рок, барабаны, drums, аппаратура ерасов, гитарная голова компрессор энхансер дилей реверберация играть на барабанах.

The studio consists of four rooms


  1. Entrance hall where visitors change shoes and change clothes.

  2. Control room, where the recording equipment is located (computer, audio monitors,  sound  cards, etc.).

  3. Rehearsal room 1 (Live acoustics). Acoustic trim made bright, loud  with a slight "gate" reverb effect. The room is decorated with wood. Sound traps and sound diffusers are also mounted.  The room is very good for recording live instruments (drums, acoustic guitars, saxophone, trumpet, etc.). The room also hosts drumming lessons and band rehearsals.

  4. Rehearsal room 2. A room with less reverb. Finished with split wood (with grooves) behind which sound-absorbing material is installed. This room is more versatile, but more suitable for recording "dry" instruments (more detailed reverb processing is needed later). It also hosts drum lessons and band rehearsals. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the sound in it is quieter, and this is suitable for "loud" drummers and bands. Rehearsals in this room do not tire the ear, and at the same time the sound remains bright and readable.

Студия DDrums Тольятти Уроки игры на барабанах запись фонограм, репетиции музыкальных групп и ансамблей. Акустическая отделка помещения
уроки игры на барабанах Тольятти Школа рока барабаны drums аппаратура ерасов гитарная голова компрессор энхансер дилей реверберация



  • Location within the city. 5 minutes walk from the stop "Lesopitomnik".

  • Not being in a residential area (no volume problems) nor  who do not interfere.

  • Creative atmosphere, wood decoration of the room is conducive to occupation (comfort).

  • Warm in winter, cool in summer. Forced air supply system from the street (with dimmer). Air conditioner with split system.

  • Individual sessions. Absence of strangers.

  • Possibility to rent the missing instruments (guitar, bass, drum cardan, sticks)

  • Scheduled rehearsals (no one will take your time for their needs)

  • Good powerful sound, microphones of world manufacturers, guitar tube stack (Erasov Bulldozer Head, and Marshall cabinet).

  •   And most importantly, the person who manages the studio is a professional in his field. Always prompt and decide  all incomprehensible questions related to equipment and creativity.

Микшерский пульт в процессе настройки звукооператором для репетиций одной из Тольяттинских рок групп. Рядом гитарная ламповая голова Ерасов, и микрофоны Shure.
Гитарный кабинет Marshall. Гитарная ламповая голова Ерасов Бульдозер.Акустическая отделка студийного помещения в студии DDrums Тольятти где проходят репетиции музыкальных групп. Так же в помещении проводяться уроки ударных. Музыкальная школа Тольятти по классу ударных. Школа рока джаза и латиноамериканских стилей музыки.

Musical equipment for rehearsals   Studio multi-channel recording Learning to play the drum kit

  • Drums: Sonor, Takton (Germany)

  • Cymbals: Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste. (Canada, America, Switzerland)

  • Cymbal stands: Sonor, Tama. (Germany, Japan)

  • Microphone stands: K&M, QUIK LOK, Proel. (Germany, Italy)

  • Mixers: Electronics PM 03, MACKIE 1202 VLZ pro. (Russia, America)

  • Speakers: Erasov active (Russia)

  • Low-frequency amplifier Crest CA4. (USA)

  • Guitar head of Erasov on lamps Bulldozer. (Penza Russia)

  • Marshall guitar cabinet. (USA)

  • Cable:  QUIK LOK, KLOTZ MC5000. (Germany, Italy)

  • Microphones: SHURE SM58-2pcs, SHURE SM57, SHURE PG56-3pcs, SHURE PG52, SENNHEISER MD 421-II, SENNHEISER e604-2pcs, SENNHEISER e614, AKG D112, Octave matched stereo pair  MK 012, Gefell pm 860 (All  The same  countries, and Austria)

  • Studio monitors  BEHRINGER Truth B2031A - active. (Germany)

  • Focusrite saffire pro 10 sound card - two pieces. Total 16 audio and 4 digital channels (USA)

  • Headphones Fostex.

  • Guitar Fender Squier stratocaster  (Indonesia)

  • Bass  Phil pro jazz bass. Unknown to me most likely the Chinese Country of the World) :)

 Band rehearsals

Репетици музыкальных рок поп групп на студии DDrums город Тольятти. Профессиональное музыкальное оборудование лучших Мировых производителей.
Лейбл Компании условия прибывания на студии правила поведения уроки игры на барабанах Тольятти Школа рока барабаны drums аппаратура ерасов гитарная голова компрессор энхансер дилей реверберация

Recording of studio soundtracks

Студийная запись барабанов на студии DDrums город Тольятти. Профессиональная многоканальная запись.

Recording Example  Drums

Эдуард Ваулин кавер - Deep Forest

Recording Example  Phonograms

Друзья - Good Day
Дети Дождя - Beer

Minus Voice Recording

Пролечу по небу - Алексей Гладченков
Examples of turnkey drum cover recording

Eddy Vaulin - Day Dream (Apashe Feat. Splitbreed Drum Cover)

Eddy Vaulin - Rock, Rocking Tha Spot (Bomfunk MC's Drum Cover)

Eddy Vaulin - Atali Wowo (Deep Forest Drum Cover)

Eddy Vaulin

A Day in the Life of a Studio Recording Drums

Studio Diary  DDrums | Deep Forest | Drummer Edik | Recording Drums Studio D Drums


In this video, one day in the life of the DDrums studio in Togliatti. This time we write  drums  with Eduard Vaulin.

Hello comrades. Today a wonderful cheerful drummer Edik came to my studio, he will record a drum part for a cover for the Deep Forest band, but I will help him, or sometimes interfere with my stupid conversations :). 
So in this release. I meet Edik, set the sound to the headphones, mute the ride cymbal, make duplicates, and listen,
  what  it turns out. Along the way, we talk about drums, drummers, the intricacies of studio and live work, the concepts of playing the drum kit. Vision of his approach to the art of drumming.
Our studio is located in the city of Tolyatti, and if there are those who want to register drums with us, then you are welcome. In the video there are examples of studio recording in the process of recording itself. The video was shot on a regular HD smartphone, so the sound of the microphone is not very good, but the drum recording examples were made with a mixdown in the music program Amplitudes.
Subscribe to my channel . Stay tuned for new drum lessons, as well as videos about the work of the studio and so on.

Drum lessons

Обучение игре на ударной установке ученица играет на барабанах. Занятия проходят на студии DDrums города Тольятти. Уроки даёт барабанщик Дмитрий Оруджов +79608354338


Drums Drums School is located in our studio. Teaching drumming to adults and children, regardless of skill level. There is a professional training course, there is a course for beginner drummers. For more information about the teacher, prices, and recommendations, see below by clicking on the link.

  Brief history of the formation of the studio

Rehearsal room "Ddrums" (formerly called  DIOR). Why did people in the common people call  DIOR studio? After all, this name has nothing to do with music. It's just that DI is Dima, and OR is Orudzhov :). It was actually more of a joke than a serious title. Over time, I decided to name the studio so that it  matched the activity. The main direction of the studio  this is, of course, training on the drums, and therefore I decided not to think for a long time, but simply call it Ddrums, which means Dima Drums.

  The rehearsal base is one of the oldest in the city, and was founded back in the 90s of the last century :). The first place where the rehearsal base was located  there was an RCI studio room, in the basement of school 37  Where I am  worked as a sound engineer. There  same  assembled the first set  equipment, and things went well. Time passed, I received an offer to join  to the BN group, and the base moved to GSK "Avtolyubitel", to the premises where the studio used to be based  show group "Chance". Then after our departure  BNovsky bass guitarist  Lesha Kozhanova  to Moscow, I joined for some time  to the group Harley woke up, and the rep base moved to the 12 block to the studio of the group Harley woke up, but the studio shared the premises with the group  A Botany teacher who didn't like my being there. Relationship with Botanists  went wrong, and I decided to finally make my room to be independent of the circumstances. It so happened that the leader of the group "BN" Vladimir Koritich  decided to move to the Capital, and offered to buy it  room  in GSK  "Motorist". Of course, I agreed, and hastily, with the help of friends from Hapley, Woke up built the first stationary rap point. It was around 2002. Since then, two repairs have been made, the acoustic finishing of the room (live acoustics) has been made, and to this day the base is  at this very place  Botanicheskaya 13 GSK  "Car Lover"

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