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How to Build  Recording studio Rehearsal room Control room

Drum Room with Live and

Neutral Acoustics  

Drum School Studio  DDRUMS

Video review of a DIY studio built from two garage boxes

Ideas for building your own rehearsal studio

Simple tricks for good room sound quality  

Proper acoustics of drum and control rooms

How to Build a Recording Studio Drum Room Rehearsal Room

Video review on the example of the DDRUMS studio in the city of Togliatti where our Drumming School is located  


How to build a recording studio, drum room, camera room, hallway in an ordinary garage. Install an air conditioner and a supply, and do not disturb the neighbors with loud drums. Rockwool insulation is the best. Watch and build your own studio.

In this video, I will tell you how I built the DDrums music studio in the city of Tolyatti, and I will give a little advice to those who dream of their own rehearsal base, recording studio, drum room (DRUM ROOM). If you have a limited budget, and the desire to make music does not fade away, this video is for you. I will tell on my own example how I built my studio. What you need to avoid standing waves in the studio. Acoustic finishes, soundproofing, vibration isolation, and room acoustics are transformed. Live acoustics of the drum room in the first room. Neutral acoustics in the second. Wave absorbers (rockwool). Reflectors (wave diffusers). The geometry of the room. Control room decoration. Flooring, podium. Differences of premises for different tasks.

A small step-by-step photo report with a description of how the construction of the studio proceeded  what room did you start from  and what did you end up with

Барабанная комната,строительство студии
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