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Hello to all playing and beginning drummers, those who want to learn how to play the drum set. My name is Dmitry Orujow. I am a drum teacher with 25 years of teaching experience. My students are in different countries of the world. I work with them remotely via Skype, but not everyone has the opportunity to work with the teacher on Skype, and especially for you, I recorded a video training school for playing drums “Drums Step by Step”, which I use for my classes with my own students from the very beginning, and before the professional game. The video tutorial school can be downloaded for payment, and you can study at home or in your studio, step by step developing techniques, studying rhythmic patterns, and breaks.

Video drum lessons on the drums are divided into several categories, the lessons are arranged sequentially. Learning from easy to hard.

All exercises (rhythms, drum fills) are played at a slow, and fast pace. Also in the video embedded notes for a complete understanding of the material. No unnecessary chatter. Only demonstration, notes, and clarity. You need to learn simply and quickly. Having learned all the material you can become a professional drummer playing in various styles and directions, as well as an amateur with a good knowledge base and technique. Good luck in your work, and success. Learn how to play drums. Dmitry Orujow "DDRUMS Online School".

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Secrets of Professional Drummers 

Lesson length 27:12 min

  1. Drum kit elements

  2. Receptions of a game and sound extraction on a drum set

  3. Posing hands and types of grip

  4. Balance Sticks

  5. Singles and twos hands in various arms

  6. Landing

  7. Playing foot on the bass drum

  8. Arrangement of elements of the drum set

  9. Tuning drums


 300 руб

 5 USD


Step#1 Beginner Grooves and Coordination

Lesson length 40:41 min

20 Rhythmic patterns with notes

+30 Variations on each rhythm with eighth notes

+10 variations for each rhythm with sixteenth notes

  1. Beat 8th

  2. Pop Beat 8th

  3. Rock Beat 8th

  4. Status Qwo Beat 8th

  5. Europe Beat 8th

  6. Pop Rock Beat 8th

  7. Foo Fighters Beat 1-8th

  8. Foo Fighters Beat 2-8th

  9. The Killers Beat-8th

  10. Blur Beat-8th

  11. Beat 16th

  12. Pop Beat 16th

  13. Rock Beat 16th

  14. Status Qwo Beat 16th

  15. Europe Beat 16th

  16. Pop Rock Beat 16th

  17. Foo Fighters Beat 1-16th

  18. Foo Fighters Beat 2-16th

  19. The Killers Beat-16th

  20. Blur Beat-16th


 1000 руб

 20 USD


Step #2 Fills and Coordination

26 Drum Fills

Lesson length 40:41 min

Next step. We disassemble drum fills with a hi hat in the left foot, which complicates the task in terms of coordination. Breaks are played with rhythms already learned in Step # 1. You can also use them with other rhythms.


 1000 руб

26 drum fills for the rhythms of the course 

Step # 1

The notes are embedded in the video series. Everything is played at a fast and slow pace.

 20 USD


Description of the drums on breaks (Fills) and uncoordination Step # 2


Drumming tutorials #2

In this course on drum breaks, we will analyze drum fillings for rhythmic patterns already learned in the previous course. Breaks will also be played with a hi-hat in the leg, which will give an additional load and complicate the task. When playing drumfills, you will also train four-way coordination. You can use these breaks for other rhythmic patterns. After the course, you will be able to advance one more step in the development of percussion instruments.

Proceed to the next fourth course of drumming. In the fourth year of the Drums video school, we will play more complex rhythmic patterns using 16th notes in a bass drum, as well as play many variations on opening a hi-hat, left-handed play on a hat, emphasizing beats, playing 16 mi in high hat.

This part is more complex and takes you to a completely different level of drumming. All success in the work !!!

Step #3 Grooves sixteenths in the bass drum

76 Rhythmic Exercises

Next step. We analyze the rhythms (rhythmic patterns) with sixteenth notes in the bass drum. We play both double kicks in the bass barrel, and drawings with three and four notes in the Bass Kick. We also play coordination exercises using these rhythms with a hi-hat and a ride plate, and opening the hi-hat to strong and weak beats. We lose all learned grooves with eighth and sixteenth notes in hi-hat


 1700 руб

 30 USD


Lesson length 1:00:00 min

20 Rhythms + 56 Variations = Total 76 Rhythmic Exercises


Grooves Percussion Course Description and Uncoordination Step # 1



Drumming tutorials #1

This course contains rhythms for beginner drummers, but subsequent variations with haykhet with the left foot and ride, as well as variations with the opening of the hat on strong and weak beats (in coordination) elevate this course to a professional level of training for advanced drummers. The rhythms are arranged in order of technical complexity. Learn and play rhythms in order. Video tutorials are built conceptually.
Each subsequent groove is complicated in technical terms, or gives all possible options for interaction in the coordination plan. I have been practicing this course with students for 25 years. Its effectiveness is time-tested. I wish you creative success in mastering the drum kit.


1. The first beat rhythm taught by all beginner drummers is a beat rhythm with eighth notes in a hi-hat. Despite its simplicity, it is often used by popular rock bands. For example, ACDC uses this groove in almost half of its songs. After learning it, you can play several songs from their repertoire. Do not forget about the accents on hi-hat, with the help of accents, the rhythm will become lively, and the pulsation will give a feeling of a swing groove.

2. The second rhythmic pattern from our video school for beginner drummers is POP BEAT. This is one of the most commonly used grooves with popular music, just as often used by rock musicians. The range of application of the rhythmic pattern is huge. For example, you can hear it from such groups and artists as Time Machine, Konstantin Nikolsky, Yuri Antonov, Mikhail Krug (Vladimir Central didn’t cancel anyone :), Alexander Ivanov (God, what a trifle), Smoky's group, etc.

3. The third rhythm is a classic fatal groove. You will feel the fatal rhythm right after analyzing this video tutorial. Almost every old school fatal team you will hear this rhythm. Whitesnake, Rainbow, Kiss, Accept, ACDC, from our Aria, Gorky Park and other groups use this rhythmic pattern.

4. The fourth rhythm speaks for itself, this is a groove from the popular song of the group Status Qwo - In The Army Now. The rhythm is played with eighth notes on the hat, but more complicated than the previous rock beat in terms of coordination races. With each next lesson, the task becomes more complicated. In this figure, the kicks and the snare drum come to a strong share, which means they coincide with the hat. Learn this beat, and you can play this song, you will advance one step towards your dream of learning to play the drum kit. Good luck

5. The fifth bit in our drum tutorial is the rhythm that everyone has probably heard. The Swedish rock band Europe - The Final Countdown this song captivated many listeners thanks to the rock fat groove. In addition to pulsation, there are hits on the hi-hat with weak beats on the barrel (between hat hits), which makes it more difficult than the previous Status quo bit. You can learn interestingly. Not just hollow boring rudiments, but see the result and start playing your favorite songs

6. The sixth rhythm that we will analyze is POP-Rock groove. This is the rhythm often used by bands that play Russian Rock. Groups like Bi-2, Chicherin, DDT, Spleen, etc. Also the popular dance group Hand Up used Loop with this rhythm. If you add guest notes to it, and add tempo, you can get a very cool rhythm that mimics the sound of electronic groups like Prodigy. At an average pace, the rhythm is also suitable for playing in the style of Smooth jazz.

7. The seventh rhythm is the couplet rhythm of the group Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly. It may seem that this is a fatal rhythm, but it seems to me that its roots lie in Latin American music. If you listen carefully, then this is the first phrase from the bossa nova rhythm. Distinguishes this rhythm from the previous part of the snare drum. Here the snare drum plays 3 and 6 eights, which gives the student the experience of shifting shares, syncopy.

8. The eighth rhythmic pattern, this is the chorus rhythm of the group Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly. This is a purely fatal rhythm of direct and swaying. Do not forget about the pulsation on the hi-hat, the right hand plays the up-down technique, as in all examples of bit rhythms. Look carefully at the video, at what points of the hat, and with what force strikes. To play in a rock style, you need a powerful pitch, and energy. Punch all exercises while playing in the rim shot on the snare drum.

9. The ninth rhythmic pattern is taken from the song The Killers - Smile like you mean it. More precisely, this is a couplet rhythm which is played with eighth notes, in the refrain the same rhythmic pattern of a barrel and a snare drum is played, and a hi-hat plays with sixteenth notes. In the following parts of our video school, we will definitely analyze the rhythms with sixteenth notes, and there will also be a chorus rhythm from this song. We move on.

10. The tenth rhythm is played in the popular song Blur Beat Song 2. This is a more complex groove than the previous ones. We connect the alto part and move on in the development of coordination races


Based on these ten rhythms, exercises for uncoordination follow. left-handed game on a hi-hat, opening a hat on with



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